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Our goal is clear -

To promote quality in early years care for the benefit of children and their families

Recognition for the valuable service provided by all home childcarers

Working for the welfare of children

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‘A hidden childcare workforce - improving our understanding of the safeguarding and early education quality issues concerning unregistered nannies and au pairs working with children under 5 in England’

Our Research Objective:
An unquantified number of families rely on unregistered childcare – nannies and au pairs – to care for their young children. In particular families who work atypical hours; have large families or children with SEND.
There is currently no published research into the demographics of individuals working in this unregistered childcare sector nor independent research into potential safeguarding issues, the quality of the early education and care,  and what impact such childcare might have on the young children.
Given the growing evidence base that the first five years of a child’s life has a lasting impact on their educational, social, emotional and physical development; this research project would look to shine a light on this little understood sector of the childcare economy one that is thought to care for significant numbers of children without any regulation or oversight.
If you are interested in supporting this project, contributing to our study, or would just like to learn more, please contact us via email in the first instance. 
Thank you.

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The Regulation Matters Campaign calls for the registration of all childcarers in the UK, so that nannies and other home childcarers are brought under the same regulatory umbrella and held to the registration standards currently required of childminders in order to safeguard children, improve childcare standards, and create consistency in the childcare industry.